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Lego Record Player Using an Arduino and a Servo Motor

I recently ran across an Instructable where the author showed how he had created a record player from paper. I thought that was pretty cool and decided to make something similar for myself. But rather than using paper and turning the record by hand I wanted to use one of my handy, dandy servos and

The Origins of Lego Bricks

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve either played with Legos or you’ve watched your children play with them. In my case, both are true. What’s not to love about taking a box of parts and creating something new and exciting? Something that nobody in the world has ever built in exactly the same

Today It’s Less Maker, More Daddy

My daughter asked me yesterday to pierce the ears of her “My Little Pony”. Her ears were pierced about three months ago and I guess she had earrings on her mind. My first response was something like “Sorry honey but we don’t have earrings for your pony.” She immediately offered to let the pony use

Replacing the Stereo Plug on a Set of Headphones

We have two sets of Sylvania headphones that we purchased for a trip to Belarus to visit my wife’s family. They were intended for the kids to watch their DVD player while on the plane. The headphones worked fine but were not enough by a long shot. By the time we arrived at our destination