Today It’s Less Maker, More Daddy

My daughter asked me yesterday to pierce the ears of her “My Little Pony”. Her ears were pierced about three months ago and I guess she had earrings on her mind.
My first response was something like “Sorry honey but we don’t have earrings for your pony.” She immediately offered to let the pony use her first pair, the ones with which she had her ears pierced.
I said no, but then thought it might be fun to “pierce” the pony’s ears anyway.
So today when I came home we performed the piercing. It took a couple of small purple beads from a craft kit she had in the closet and some copper wire I had in the garage. Like the title says, it wasn’t very complicated, but the end result was just as satisfying as a real “build” project.

Hugs and kisses are ample payment for such a minor surgical procedure!After

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